Abstract – Final Paper


What occurred during Japanese war crimes in World War II towards medical experiments, what experiments were conducted and what was found? Were the Japanese doctors being medically ethic and did the conclusions that they reached from these experiments have any effect on current medical knowledge? This paper will be exploring these different experiments conducted in Japan, and exploring specific case studies about people experimented on. The results of these studies will be analyzed, the reasoning for these experiments will also be analyzed, discovering who was experimented on and what the Japanese did during these experiments. Medical ethics will be discussed; this references towards what a doctor is and what his responsibility is as a doctor. If a doctor supports and works for a political system are they still breaking the ethic medical codes by performing inhumane work? It will also be assessed whether the work they performed followed ethical doctor regulations, and if it strayed from the regulations then how many regulations were broken. Doctors in Japan during World War II performed medical experiments, mainly on POW’s, these experiments happened in a location named Unit 731 with some experiments occurring in Unit 100 (Yuki Tanaka, Hidden Horrors, Westviewpress, 1996, p.138). The POW’s were usually allied powers soldiers, but also Soviet’s, Mongolian, and Korean POW’s were also tested (Hal Gold, Unit 731 Testimony, 2003, p. 109). These experiments are know about, but not well know; this is because of the many doctors conducting experiments in concentration camps such as Auschwitz. Although, these experiments were equally as inhumane and should also be discussed, they are controversial but also found some small medical discoveries. The patients would be referred to as “logs”, and were granted immunity for being in these experiments, unless they died during them which many did (Harris, S.H. (2002) Factories of Death. Japanese Biological Warfare, 1932—1945, ). The Japanese would test vivisection, frostbite, syphilis, and more, all performed no anesthesia. These experiments were conducted throughout all of World War II, and this paper will be examining the doctor’s, experiments, patient’s, reasoning, and details of these gruesome events.  


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