American’s Secret Role in the Rwandan Genocide

My class read an article on the website the guardian regarding the role the American played in the Rwandan genocide. This article was both surprising and unsurprising in the sense that I was not aware of this role America had, but also from knowing American history I was not surprised that our country was a part of a role like this. It is disappointing to read that America could’ve intervened and saved many lives, but decided not to. I just hope this country doesn’t make a mistake like that again.

This article explained America’s role in the Rwandan genocide while also giving a very nice summary of the Rwandan genocide. I liked how the bits of information about America was inserted into the summary, plus the summary was a useful and straight to the point explanation of what happened in Rwandan. America basically knew about the events in Rwanda but decided to ignore them, which is simply as bad as supplying the Hutu’s with weapons. Ignoring a situation is equivalent to allowing the situation, and many people were killed from this situation being ignored.

I would like to explore more information regarding the RPF and the corruption and violence they committed. Every article or book I have read discussing the Rwandan genocide references the problems surrounding the RPF. I am curious to research where the corruption started, how it impacted the genocide, and all the types of corruption the RPF were apart of. I was also surprised about how much corruption existed in this genocide overall. Corruption from the hospitals to the refugee camps, with volunteers from rescue organizations getting killed as well. From reading lots of books about genocides I would say this was one of the most corrupted genocides, although every genocide and violence has its corruption.


Which countries were involved in this genocide overall and which ignored the genocide like the USA did? Which countries may have helped the genocide? Was there repercussions faced for countries that aided?

What is Rwanda like today? Have they improved post genocide or is there still feuds and things in Rwanda impacted from this event?

what are reasons that cause corruption? What does corruption lead to, as in what benefits does it end in? Is there more pros or cons in committing corruption?

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