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On Wednesday my class watched the movie Biter Harvest that came out last year. This movie was about Ukraine during Stalin’s rule in the Soviet Union. The movie combined a romance story with the violence and political conflicts during Ukraine at the time.

The story began in a small Ukraine village following the main character, Yuri, he grew up in this village. Yuri leaves to escape the strict collectivization and study art while working in a factory shortly after his father and lovers mom are killed by Soviets. He watched the slow starvation of many through collectivization and kept his spirit alive through loving a beautiful girl from his Ukrainian town who was pregnant with his baby.

Gradually the violence escalated more and more, and the struggle for survival got worse. Yuri was kicked out the art academy for having some disapproved beliefs towards the Soviet system, but he continued to fight for freedom almost getting killed multiple times. He even got sent to prison for murder but used his artistic skills to survive and even escape the prison.

Natalka, Yuri’s lover, also did not approve of the collectivism. She too fought back for freedom, for her baby, at one point even drugging her rapist. Both Natalka and Yuri went through a lot, a lot of killing and resistance – for their baby. Honestly, there were many points in the movie where they should’ve died, but movies are movies so they kept on surviving.

In the end, Natalka looses the baby but her and Yuri find their way back together again. They even decide to take in a small child that Yuri helped on his journey back home, their new child. The movie ends with lots of fighting and more deaths, but overall ends generally happy with Yuri, Natalka, and their new kid escaping , even if it is to Poland.

This movie was exciting but not my favorite. It had beautiful cinematography but the plot and sappiness could’ve been improved. Although I am glad I experienced this very different movie.


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