Genocide A World History – Chapter 7

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This second to last chapter of out classes equivalent of a text book, Genocide A World History, focused on anti-communist genocides. Anti-communist genocides refers to more political genocides, political genocides initiated by non-communist governments or leaders. The two main events the book discussed were Guatemala committing genocide against the Mayans and the East Timor Indonesians committing genocide on anyone not falling into their ideas and Christians viewpoints.

Both genocides were extremely violent, just as violent as communist genocides. I find it interesting that there is two categorizations of communist and non-communist genocides. It reflects on communist societies and how violent they tend to be, if majority of these societies have had occurrences with genocides. These events were both violent but the death toll for both was under a million, with a higher death count occurring in Guatemala.

Some of the things that stood out to me while reading this book were the explanations of the violence that was witnessed during the genocides. The rebel group committing the murder in East Timor would attach the bodies to bamboo stocks so they would float in the river when they were thrown in. Most of the bodies would already be half torn apart because they would leave the ripped out organs from relatives on the doorstep of families.  These half degraded bodies would stench and float down the river with flags stuck into them representing the rebel group.

Another explanation of some of the horrors witnessed was an account of women’s actions to guys in one of the genocides. There was stories of women taunting guys and torturing them while running around them naked, in a crazy manor. They would even rape the men, killing them in the end. I found this interesting because I hadn’t read accounts of women raping men until now, and I believe some of these actions were a form of revenge towards the guys.

Overall, I have read more about seemingly crazy and extremity violent actions of humans to humans. Human society surprises me and disappoints me with these events I read.


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