Genocide A World History – Chapter 8

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Our class finally finished Genocide A World History. I overall enjoyed the book but I’m very thankful that this read is over. Now, I only have one more book for this class and I will be able to put all my focus into my final paper. This final chapter, chapter 8, focuses on genocides and violent events occurring post Cold War.

Most violence was occurring near Yugoslavia and in mainly Muslim areas. This violence occurred throughout up-rises and changes of power.  There were radical actions occurring and people being very serious towards their views therefore committing violent actions to people that didn’t follow or believe what they believed in. Muslims were targeted and later on, in current events today, some Muslims have began committing similar actions without being the victims anymore.

Rape became very widely used as a tacit in this genocide. This action of rape was both a tacit and something that the twisted soldiers would do for their own pleasure. No women, of any age, was safe and rape occurred by the hundreds daily. Not even rescue camps were safe, there was controversy with the UN who were supposed be helping but instead would commonly ignore or even engage onto these actions.

Other violence occurring was in Rwanda, with the ethnic divisions of the Hutu’s and Tutsi’s. This genocide occurred gradually, and ethnic tensions built up between the two classifications that eventually lead into a huge violent massacre after the training of rebel groups to be able to very efficiently murder with machetes.

The most disappointing part of this genocide was the ability for stronger world powers like the UN and USA to be able to prevent it, but instead they ignored it and it lead to thousands killed. Even the help that was given to Rwanda late into the genocide had controversy surrounding it and did not save as many lives as it could’ve.

Overall, this book is now finished being read and analyzed. I am now completely numb to tragic stories about mass amount of people being killed.

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