Killing Civilians – Chapters 2-6

These chapters of Killing Civilians discusses the gruesome details of genocides by referencing many stories about the violence in genocides. One of these references was discussing rape in genocides. Rape is commonly a part of genocides leaving many women to even commit suicide because of rape. Soldiers would gang rape women or even rape people in front of families before killing them; one story even detailed the soldiers cutting off the girls breast and labia, later killing her by practically cutting her in half with her breast in her hand. This can be really hard to read but I never knew this detail about genocides before and therefore makes me more heated about the subject. Despite these details making me more mad it makes me more interested in the topic and researching more details (possible paper topic).

I also find the topic of psychology very interesting, and this reading referenced the soldiers having to look into the eyes of people they killed; watching them scream in pain and look terrified before death. This made me wonder about the type of personalty a solider has to have to be able to watch and cause that suffering day after day.

This topic was also touched on when it referenced genocides by air. The book explained “carpet bombing” ensuring that almost no one in a town could survive an attack by air. It also detailed stories about singular bombs that planes would drop, these bombs would lure out the town’s civilians to help the injured, after the streets would fill with people helping then the pilots would drop more bombs to ensure even more deaths. ┬áBut, this part of the reading also referenced how genocides by air was easier because the pilots didn’t have to witness the fear in peoples eyes or here the screams as they killed, yet the amounts they were killing were more than the soldiers on the ground. The difference between the actions of pilots and soldiers is an interesting topic especially regarding the mindsets or psychologies of both.



How can anyone justify rape or be able to kill many, then rape, and kill again?

In total, how many accounts of genocide have occurred?

What is the most commonly used method or weapon to commit genocide?


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