Latcho Drom Movie Screening

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This was the last movie screening for our class. This screening is a movie focusing on gypsies. It was a very interesting and somewhat confusing movie. It had almost no dialogue, but quite a lot of singing. It was basically a musical with a mixture of good and bad singing. Also, there was different styles of dancing that were very interesting to observe.

This movie definitely gave me a perspective of a different culture, including hearing quite a lot of  music that I am not used to. The plot was very hard to understand because of the lack of dialogue and the different language. Although, the beginning focused on a fiance or wedding. Throughout the movie they switched from gypsy camp to gypsy camp showing different ways of livings.

One of the other things I found very interesting was the different musical instruments. I saw a lot of instruments I have never seen, or heard, before. It was also interesting to see the skills they taught children at a young age, like selling flowers, instead of sending the children to school. They would move west and north while exploring the different communities. One scene that touched my heart was the little boy that got the gypsies to play music for his sad mom and he made her happy with his dancing as they sung and played instruments like a jug and spoons.

The scene that shocked me was when they went to Auschwitz after the happy and uplifting scene.  Following that scene we saw a gypsy community that lived in tree houses, which was crazy. Overall, I visited all over the globe with this movie and saw very interesting gypsy activities. It really showcases a culture I didn’t know much about and it was very different. If you like gypsy culture and singing and dancing then watch this movie.


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